• Brushless DC
  • Switched Reluctance
  • Induction
  • DC PM
  • Brushless AC (incl. IPM)
  • AC/DC universal
  • Wound Field AC
  • Synchronous reluctance

CD-adapco’s unique capabilities for the design and analysis of electric machines with its newest acquisition SPEED

SPEED - Software for Electric Machine Design and Analysis

• ALL-IN-ONE tool for characterizing almost all main classes of electric machines and drives

• Fast but approximate initial design within minutes

• Problem analysis, product characterization and design optimation after calibrating

• Links to STAR-CCM+ for detailed thermal & finite-volume Electromagnetic Analysis

• Embedded finite-element solver like PC-FEA for key problems and electromagnetic finite-element analysis

• Global support for more than 1.000 users worldwide

• Assisting customer requirements through optimized communication and comprehensive documentation

• Classical Electrical Machine Theory based code, first released in 1987

• Ideal training tool for new Machine Designers and in Academic teaching classroom


In June 2011, CD-adapco acquired SPEED with the aim of combining CD-adapco’s position in the CAE market with SPEED’s leadership of electric machine design tools.


From their combined experience and expertise, a cutting-edge technical strategy for the design and analysis of electric machines has been developed, offering design engineers the unique and powerful possibility to combine electromagnetic and flow/thermal capabilities in the same working process. The initial impact of this intense collaboration was the release of a new version of SPEED featuring 350+ enhancements in September 2011.