Combining SPEED & STAR-CCM+

In the past 25 years, millions of electric motors have been produced with designs that have been developed using SPEED.
However, as the required performance of electric machines is moving upwards, the designer has to embrace the vitally important aspect of thermal analysis alongside the fundamental electromagnetic design. Hence engineers demand more from their electric machine related design and analysis tools.

To enable them to remain competitive in today’s world of ever-increasing performance and efficiency, CD-adapco has introduced a new and unique process for the design of electric machines by combining two highly-accomplished and market-leading codes: the electric/electromagnetic design tool SPEED, and the flow/thermal CFD-centric CAE software STAR-CCM+.

CD-adapco's new EM Field Solver

Understanding the thermal and electromagnetic phenomena that are operating in modern high power density electric machines is vital to achieving a state of the art design. As cooling systems are becoming more sophisticated to address thermal design limitations, a new capability which combines both electromagnetic and flow/thermal phenomena in a single code is needed to deal with temperature-critical and high power density designs.

For this reason, CD-adapco is rapidly developing a unique 3D finite volume electromagnetic solver (EM Field Solver) within the market-leading flow/thermal/stress code STAR-CCM+. This development, which will offer the exclusive benefits of a fully coupled analysis, continues apace and will initially be available in STAR-CCM+ in autumn 2012. This comes in addition to continued support for SPEED’s existing FEA electromagnetic links with third party packages such as FLUX, J-MAG, OPERA and SLIM, as well as SPEED’s FE program PC-FEA.

SPEED export to STAR-CCM+ now available
  • Parametric SPEED designs transfer into the STAR-CCM+ 3D_CAD Modeler
  • Permitting limitless further modifications
  • Mapping of loss data for detailed heat transfer analysis in STAR-CCM+
  • Detailed electric machine winding exchange also in development
SPEED & STAR-CCM+ scripting
  • SPEED provides losses averaged over an electrical rotation, for given component temperatures
  • STAR-CCM+ provides component temperatures for a specific thermal loading
  • A STAR-CCM+ Macro controls the exchange